Volunteers play an important role in supporting CHRISTUS Spohn Health System. They support many departments, such as the information desks, surgery waiting rooms, emergency departments, spiritual care, radiology, admitting, laboratory departments, gift shops, and nursing units. In addition, they sponsor fundraising events to support the purchase of equipment and projects within their facilities.

This year the CHRISTUS Spohn Volunteers provided more than 133,000 hours of onsite volunteer service to the CHRISTUS Spohn Health System. Information provided by CHRISTUS Spohn’s Director of Volunteer Services, Marissa Carrillo, indicates that each volunteer hour is worth $27.00.

Based on that hourly figure, the volunteers provided $3,597,399 of volunteer assistance this year alone.

A special check presentation of the hours of service was made during the annual installation meeting at the Corpus Christi Country Club in June. The check was presented to President of CHRISTUS Spohn Health System, Justin Doss by Volunteer Presidents, Rosa Goode from Kleberg, Olga Bell from Shoreline, Imelda Gonzalez from Alice and Diane Lanahan from South.

“Our Volunteers are a vital part of our team,” says Marissa Carrillo. “They offer smiles, comfort and a healing presence for our patients and their families when they need it most. We’re so glad to have them on our team.”


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