CHRISTUS Spohn Associates make a difference every day! One of the significant ways is through our Associate giving program called Giving From Within. Through the program, Associates suggest, select and fund projects for the benefit of our patients, visitors and our very own CHRISTUS Spohn family.

Employees may choose the projects or programs toward which they want to direct their contribution. The following are programs and projects you can contribute to:

– Cancer Care                                                                                  – Alice Hospital Projects
– Area of Greatest Need                                                                – Beeville Hospital Projects
– Sister Margaret Mannion Helping Hands Fund                      – Kleberg Hospital Projects
– Nursing Excellence                                                                      – Shoreline Hospital Projects
– Cardiac Rehab                                                                              – South Hospital Projects

To make your gift online please click the “Give Now” button below or click here to download the form! To submit a spending suggestion click here.

Every donation truly is a gift to our ministry!

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