H-E-B and CHRISTUS Spohn both began their journeys to help their communities in 1905. For over 112 years, H-E-B has contributed to worthy causes throughout Texas and Mexico. As H-E-B expanded their business in Texas, they also increased their personal investments by giving back to communities across Texas. Their similar vision of taking care of all of their residents in the community made H-E-B a charitable partner for CHRISTUS Spohn.

H-E-B Public Affairs Senior Manager, Regina Garcia, stated, “Back in 1905, Mrs. Florence Butt started H-E-B with nothing other than $60 and a prayer. From the very beginning however, her mission was to give back to the community and we’ve been doing that ever since. H-E-B’s mission statement is to build the world’s greatest retailing company, so that we can make lives better for our partners, customers and our communities, because each and every person counts.  It’s important to us to make sure that our partners are taken care of and that their families are taken care of as well. If we have partners who are healthy, they are more productive in the workplace and that makes them great resources for us within our company. So we were eager to provide them with the best health care possible. Because the mission of Spohn aligns with our mission, we knew that as a community we all needed to get behind CHRISTUS Spohn’s efforts because it provides quality health care for everyone and does not discriminate by any means.”

Over the years, H-E-B has made several gifts to CHRISTUS Spohn. In 2017, however, they decided to make an exceptional donation of $2 million designated to the H-E-B Education Center at the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Memorial Family Health Center and to the H-E-B Dining Room in the new patient care tower at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – Shoreline that will open in 2019.

“We decided to give to the Education Center because we didn’t want to lose focus on the advancements that were taking place in an area of concern for the community and we wanted to be sure that we could be provide an avenue where our community could learn how to better take care of themselves. At the same time physicians and residents could have a place where they can have a learning environment where they will gain knowledge, skills and tools to deliver high quality care to patients. As for the dining room at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – Shoreline, we know that when people think H-E-B, they usually think food, so we appreciated being given that naming opportunity for our gift.”

As with other gifts that H-E-B has given to Spohn, their donation toward Our PATH Forward Capital Campaign will help Spohn provide world-class care to those in our community.

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