At CHRISTUS Spohn Health System, our doctors and their staff are more than just employees at a hospital. They are passionate caregivers and trusted advisers. They come to be called friends, angels and even Healing Heroes. Their selfless commitment to their community and to improving the lives of others is why we are always honored to recognize the individuals who go above and beyond in our mission.

Doctors and staff at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – South were recently recognized as Healing Heroes. The physicians and teams highlighted included, Dr. Ryan Rodgers and his staff at Padre Dermatology, Dr. Kathleen Bailey at OBGYN Associates of Corpus Christi and Ms. Patricia Moss, also at OBGYN Associates of Corpus Christi.

A grateful patient of Dr. Rogers stated in her nomination, “I want to nominate Dr. Rogers and his staff as my Healing Heroes. The team was wonderful during all of my appointments. A special thanks to the staff who returned my many calls to answer my questions, established me in the system and quickly scheduled my appointments. Dr. Rogers gave great direction as I got started on my medicine, and his team helped make it all possible. Thank you team – your efforts have resulted in me feeling more confident than I ever have in my life.”

In a nomination form for Dr. Kathleen Bailey and Patricia Moss, a patient said, “Dr. Bailey’s compassion extended beyond the typical office visit. She took time out of her day to talk to me and encourage me. Dr. Bailey even went as far as to give me a copy of ‘Jesus Calling’, which I read and love. Thank you for being my doctor. Your care definitely extends beyond the hospital walls. Ms. Moss, I will be forever grateful for your compassion, patience and knowledge over-the-phone and during my visits.

Healthcare can be very scary, and it means a lot to have doctors and staff like all of you to trust along the way.”

Have a doctor that you want to thank? Please join us this National Doctors’ Day, March 30th, in recognizing and supporting our doctors by making a gift in their honor. Your donation in honor of your favorite caregivers lets them know their hard work is important to you and all those you love. Your gift can be made online at Gifts will be directed to the Advanced Medicine Physician Fund, which supports projects that are important to our doctors and vital to our health care mission.

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